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Gestoria R. Consult.

Globally & Digitally Experienced Business


Gift Web Pack FRW. 50,000

Free Hosting;

3 pages maximum;

Great for any business start up;

Good for parties and short-term events;

Click to see this sample and/or the one in-here.

Call us on 0788427626

Write to [email protected]

All the webs we build are Mobile compatible;

You'll be seen on Google, Facebook & Twitter

Just the way you wish.

Starter Web Pack FRW. 70,000

  • Most affordable;
  • 5 pages max, 30 pictures;
  • 10,000 words max + social media integrations;
  • Perfect for simple marketing & product launch;
  • Great for individuals and Short-term events;
  • Super for package for CV, biography or Wedding.
  • You may even choose a Google site like the one in-here.

Standard Web Pack FRW. 150,000

Here are the things to remember about this Package:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter;
  • Mobile viewing; Best design;
  • Quickest to build/publish (1 hour or less);
  • Prefect for small businesses and startups;
  • Up to 10 pages; + Localization (Google maps)
  • Best look, apps like Skype & appointment maker (optional)

Premium Web Pack FRW. 200,000

The features to remember about this Package are:

  • Huge traffic; search engines like Google;
  • Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter;
  • Mobile viewing; One week timeline (or less);
  • All features from Standard Web Design are included;
  • Increased security helps protect your site from attacks;
  • Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses;
  • Up to 15 pages; + Localization (Google maps)
  • Increased look; Skype call app & appointment maker (optional)

Superior Web Pack FRW. 250,000

Here are the things you’ll want to remember about this Package:

  • Mobile viewing; Responsive design;
  • Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter;
  • Two week project timeline (or less);
  • Perfect for medium-sized businesses;
  • Website “responds” to device;
  • Up to 20 pages; + Localization (Google maps);
  • 1 to 3 layers of clicks (linkages);
  • Skype call app & appointment maker (optional).

Corporate Web Pack FRW. 450,000

Some key features of our Corporate Web Design Package are:

  • Professionally design logo and graphics for your brand;
  • Social Media Integration of Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter;
  • SEO & Google Ad-words;
  • One month project timeline (or less if you want);
  • 30+ unlimited pages; Best for large companies;
  • 1 to 4 layers of clicks (linkages);
  • Skype call app & appointment maker (optional).


It's time to make your own stunning website.

Just Call/SMS (+250) 0788427626

•  Business and Services  
Advertising & Marketing, Cars & Transportation, Community & education, Computing & Apps, Consulting & Coaching, Finance & Law, Games & Toys, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Maintenance services, Online store, Construction, Real Estate & Property, Religion & Non-profit, Sports & Recreation, Vet & Pets, Weddings & events.
•  Music: Band, DJ, Music production, Musicians, Singer/songwriter
•  Entertainment
Actors & theater, Dance, Event production, Film, Nightlife, Performing arts

Get the best websites at the best prices!

If you have the data ready, your web can

be live in less than a day!

Wanna prove it? Try us!

Call the number above!

We better sign a service agreement with you;

You only pay 70% before the work starts;

Web-building is paid for every 12 months;

We do your job when you want.

We give the best web services;

We also give our best knowledge & abilities!

•  Online store
Accessories & jewelry, Clothing & fashion, Crafts & hobbies, Food & drink, Gadgets & electronics, Health & beauty, Kitchen & housewares, Pets & supplies, Photography & art, Sports & recreation, Toys & games.
•  Restaurant & Hospitality
Bar & club, Café & restaurant, Catering & entertaining, Food & drink, Hotel & travel
•  Photography
Event photographer; Pro photographer; Sport photographer; Travel photographer; Wedding photographer
•  Creative arts
Actors and theater; Artist; Author & writer; Handicraft; Painter & Illustrator; Performing arts; Portfolio
•  Design
Architect & interiors; Design agency; Simple designer; Fashion designer; Web designer; Portfolio.
•  Retail & Fashion
Accessories & Jewelry; Clothing; Electronics; Hair and beauty; Model; Stylist
•  Personal: Resume/CV; Family; Wedding & engagement; Portfolio
•  One pager: Personal; Coming soon; Landing page.