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Exercises and Notes

Here You get exercises and notes to help you understand and make investment decisions especially regarding the capital markets.

Exercise 1- Financial Statement Analysis (of Company Analysis)

Click here and Open.

Exercise 2 - Financial Ratio Analysis

Click here and open.

Exercise 3 - Portfolio Risk and Return

Click here and open

Exercise 4 - Time Value of Money

Click here and open

Exercise 5 - NPV and IRR

Click here and open

Exercise 6 - Equity Valuation

Click here and open

Exercise 7 - Bond Valuation

Click here and open 

The following is a Class assignment to be submitted by Tuesday 9th December 2014.

Click here and open it.

For additional notes, click below;

Stock or Portfolio Risk and Return, Click here.

PV, NPV, IRR Click here. or here.

For Equity and Bond Valuation, Click here.

To check Answers for the above exercises, click each corresponding title below.

Answers to the Class assignment here.

For Revision Questions (and Answers), Click here.

For more exercises and notes, don't hesitate to contact us.