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Gestoria R. Consult.

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Financial Modeling

Financial Modelling is pivotal to the strategy, planning and decision making processes for businesses.

Anybody who masters this is on top of the game in both Finance and Accounting fields.

Good Financial models help businesses in various ways:

For Start-Ups;

Our models help in attracting (and convincing) the investors.

For the Already Established Businesses;

Our models help you see a clear picture of your businesses key financial metrics. Even non-financially inclined executives will be surprised at how easy it is to plug-in assumptions or real data and see the effects ripple through the model and impact key metrics.

Specific Benefits

Adhering to accepted modelling best practice principles, we can provide affordable, timely modelling solutions to you that will:

Become streamlined, yet tailored to your needs, by our modelling expert(s);

Make the process more transparent, consistent, flexible and robust;

Assist in identifying or confirming key drivers of value in the process;

Help you quantify options and alternatives;

Reduce the likelihood of material errors in structure;

Lessen the chances of the wrong decision(s) being made;

Lower the financial and reputational risks for you.

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