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Here You Get Free Excel Notes and Training Exercises.

You may be a Beginner or an Expert who wants to refresh their skills in Microsoft Excel.

May be you're a professional in the Field of Finance, Accounting, Engineering, etc; these skills are for you.

If you are a student of mine at anyone of the universities I teach at, this place is for you as well.

1. Below, you have the first FREE class to check your knowledge. It covers keyboard shortcuts that will help to start working with Excel.

Click here and it will download.


1. Click to open / Entering & Editing Data

How to enter & edit data on a worksheet, format cells, insert & delete rows & columns, copy & paste data, rename & delete worksheets and use a basic mathematical function. 

2. Click to open / General Excel Skills

How to customize the default Excel settings, customize the Quick Access Toolbar, use themes to format cells, use special paste features and how to customize & use the status bar.

3. Click to open / Entering Formulas & Linking Cells

How to link cells, copy & paste cell formulas, use relative & absolute cell references, enter formulas, insert & use Excel tables and enter & use a basic IF function.

4. Click to open / Charts

How to create an Excel chart; customize the chart area, chart plot area, title, legend, axes and grid-lines; insert a chart based on multiple source data cell ranges and how to use a secondary axis.

5. Click to open / Pivot Tables

How to insert a pivot table, refresh a pivot table, drill down to the source data of a pivot table, change the pivot table layout and how to use pivot table slicers.

6. Click to open / Loan Repayments & What-If Tools

How to use financial functions to calculate monthly & annual loan repayment amounts, how to use the goal seek feature and how to insert a two variable data table.

7. Click to open / Monthly Sales Report

Define named ranges, format dates with a custom date format, sum cells based on multiple sum criteria and use names in function arguments in order to create a monthly sales report.

8. Click to open / Daily Sales Report

Define named ranges, edit named ranges, sum cells based on criteria and use names in function arguments in order to create a daily sales report.

9. Click to open / Income Statement

Define named cell ranges, insert a list box, use look-up functions, sum cells based on criteria and use wildcards in formulas in order to compile a monthly & year-to-date income statement. 

10. Click to open / Monthly Cashbook

Use data validation to control user input, apply conditional formatting, define named ranges and sum cells based on multiple criteria in order to compile a monthly cashbook summary.

11. Click to open / Statistical Functions

Questions on Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Correlation, Co-variance, etc.

12. Click to open / Financial Functions

Questions on Financial functions such as PV, FV, PMT, NPER, RATE etc.

13. Click to open / Cell References

Cell references in Excel are very important. Understand the difference between relative, absolute and mixed reference, and you are on your way to success.

14. Click to open / External Referencing

An external reference in Excel is a reference to a cell or range of cells in another workbook. Below you can find the workbooks of three divisions (North, Mid and South).

15. Click to open / Financial Forecasting

Elementary forecasting methods that can be readily applied into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This guide applies to managers and executive who need to anticipate customer demand.

16. Click to open / Financial Forecasting Tips

Successful businesses don't just live from day-to-day. They are always looking ahead, planning for next week, next month and next year. Companies with modern sales analysis and forecasting processes enjoys faster sales growth than average.

You can get all the notes corresponding to the questions above here:

Advanced class (notes for an advanced level);

Linear Regression, Simple, advanced, Monte Carlo simulation, specific item forecasting method, etc.

Advanced 1 - Financial Forecasting with Simple Linear Regression

Advanced 2 - Forecasting Methods

Advanced 3 - Regression Analysis -Explanations

Advanced 4 - Regression Analysis - Excel Exercise

Advanced 5 - Regression Analysis - Mathematical Approach

Please Contact Us for many more titles such as Break-even-point, budgeting, depreciation, cost of capital, loan amortization, valuation as well as financial ratio analysis.